hi guys! i really need to get more people watching this community and liking/taking my icons. i figured out that the best way to do this would be A) to get more affiliates and B) to take a few requests.

so here's the deal:
- comment if you want to be affiliates <3
- you can request up to 5 icons. 5 icons per person. the catch? if you request, please promote 0hgraphics or just tell someone about it. i will make any icons APART from animation. provide the image/s you want the icons of, colour details, any text details (with font link) and as many details as you can otherwise the icon might not be what you want.
- comment with GENERAL ideas for requests. topics, themes, movies, tv shows. what do you want to see? this will really help me :)
- all comments are screened!

thank you!